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Water damaged phone and Crypto Recoveries including Metamask

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Water Damaged Samsung Phone

Yesterday, my girlfriend dropped her samsung into a toilet. Fortunatly, the entire phone did not submerge, but a small crack it does appear to have sustained some water damage through a small crack in the screen. She turned the phone on after, and after a while it had completely shut off. We’ve left it in an air tight container of some silicon gel – but I don’t think there is quite enough. The phone is now registering as having run out of battery on ‘find my phone’. I was wondering how much this service would cost, as your trustpilot reviews suggest that you charge a lot just to diagnose it – and as students, we don’t have a lot of money. Truth be told all we need is the photographs.
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Metamask encountered an error

“Metamask encountered an error due to reaching storage allowance limit…” etc etc… message. I only started using this 3 weeks ago and do not have it on my laptop, only my phone which is an android. I have tried entering the seedphrase and it says it’s not recognised. I’ve used the github mnemonic account generator and my wallet address dows not show up. I never saved my keys as I was under the impression I only needed my seedphrase. Pretty lost and confused at this point, as the seedphrase I wrote down matches all the words in the list they provided me to check. It’s definitely correct. The account was only created in July, even though I’ve only recently started to use it
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