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Huawei Phone Data Recovery

Data Clinic are the UK’s leading experts in data recovery from Huawei phones. With over 20 years data recovery experience we’ve recovered data from almost every kind of phone fault imaginable.

We recover data from Huawei phones that have been dropped, smashed, bent, run over and exposed to liquid and fire damage.

We are also able to recover data from Huawei phones that have OS faults such as bootlooping phones and phones that failed to complete a software upgrade.

Don’t mistake our services with those offered by phone repair shops on the high street. Our capabilities far exceed anything they offer. So if one of these shops have told you your phone is beyond hope and you data is unrecoverable, please contact us as there may well be something we can do.

Please note if you’ve factory reset your phone or deleted items and then removed them from the trash, there is nothing we or anyone else can do. The data you wish to recover has been overwritten and no longer exists on the phone.

Data Clinic’s Huawei Phone Data Recovery Service

1. Contact Us

0800 151 2207

Or use ‘Get A Quote’.

 We will determine the nature of the problem and give an indication of recovery costs and timeframe.

2. Collection

We will arrange to have your phone collected for free from any UK address.

Or you can drop off at one of our UK locations, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

3. Level 1

We are able to recover 60% of all phones at Level 1.

The cost for a Level 1 recovery is £150+VAT and will take between 5 & 10 working days.

4. Level 2

Required only if Level 1 is unsuccessful. Additional £195+VAT cost.

Level 2 recoveries take an another 5 -10 days to complete.

5. Return

Your data is returned along with you faulty phone using a secure point to point courier.

We will keep a copy of your data for 10 days.

Huawei Phones – Level 1 Recovery

Level 1 recoveries work with the larger components of the phone such as the screen, battery, buttons and charging port. So if the problem with the phone is due to a fault with any of these components then the recovery will be completed at Level 1 and there will be no need to proceed to Level 2. 60% of all the phones that come to us for recovery are completed at Level 1.

Faulty phones with damaged screens, smashed cases or faulty charging ports are often classed as Level 1 recoveries.

Level 1 costs are payable regardless of outcome.

Huawei Phones – Level 2 Recovery

Level 2 recoveries are optional and are required only where Level 1 work has not been successful. Level 2 recoveries are far more complex and work with the smaller and more difficult parts of the phone eg. the individual components on the main board, the CPU, EEPROM, and memory chips.

Phones that have been bent, run over, fire or liquid damaged, suffered heavy impact will most often be Level 2 recoveries.

Without actually examining the phone we are unable to tell whether it’ll be a Level 1 or Level 2 recovery. For example a phone with a smashed screen may well have significant internal damage that will require a Level 2 recovery.

Level 2 costs are payable only on success.

Advanced Recoveries and Rebuilds

Sometimes if Level 2 hasn’t worked it may still be possible to retrieve the phone’s data by using our Advanced Phone Reconstruction and Rebuild service – see below. This is a tailored solution unique to the problems with the phone and can take several weeks to complete. We will quote you separate costs for this if you wish to proceed.

Points to Note about Level 1 and 2 Services

  • We will need to dismantle your phone
  • You will not be getting back a working phone
  • Your data will be recovered to a memory stick and returned with your dismantled phone

Further Information

Data Clinic provide an advanced reconstruction and rebuild service for damaged Huawei phones. This is not a data recovery service, instead this service returns the phone to a working condition whilst preserving the data. It is ideal for various organisations that have their own in house data recovery / analysis procedures.

Dependent on the extent of damaged to the phone, our reconstruction and rebuild process may use many of the advanced data recovery techniques at our disposal.

Follow this link to find our more about our process of rebuilding and reconstructing damaged phones back to a working condition whilst preserving the data.

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Data Clinic Locations

We have many data recovery locations across the UK. You are welcome to drop off but will need to book an appointment first.
Alternatively use our Free Collection service that picks up from ANY UK address.

New London House, EC3V 9LJ

The Mount, Belfast, BT6 8DD

11, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham, B3 1RB

Castlemead, Bristol, BS1 3AG

20 – 23 Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QF

Building 3, Gelderd Road, Leeds, LS12 6LN

Horton House, Exchange Street East, Liverpool, L2 3PF

The Pavilions, Bridge Hall Lane, Bury, BL9 7NX

Rotterdam House, 116 Quayside, NE1 3DY

Victory House, 400 Pavilion Drive, NN4 7PA

The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield S1 2GU

Basepoint, Andersons Road, Southampton, SO14 5FE

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