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Recovering Data from iPhone Error 1110

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iphone error 1110

Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 15 are developing a fault where they become stuck in a bootloop. If the device is attached to a computer and a restore / update attempted the error “Could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (1110)” is displayed.

The reason for this error is that the iPhone or iPad has run out of storage memory and no longer has enough space for the programs to run. Do not reset your phone as this will result in all your data being lost.

Of course, Apple will be completely unhelpful about this as they just want you to buy a new phone and expect you to have been backing your data up to iCloud.

Fortunately if you have error 1110, Data Clinic can recover your data.


Our technique recovers 100% of your data and is software based so we don’t have to open your phone or void your warranty. Call us now on 0800 151 2207 or fill out the callback form to your right.

Visit our main iPhone data recovery page.

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