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Password Recovery & Cracking

Password Recovery | Data Clinic Ltd

Have you lost the password to an Office file such as a spreadsheet or document ?.. Maybe you’ve got an encrypted archive file like a Zip, RAR or 7Z and you’ve no idea of the password?.. Or maybe you’ve got an encrypted or password protected hard drive and need a password to access the data ? Data Clinic can retrieve and crack lost passwords from all of these to restore access to your data.

Recovering Password Protected Data

Encrypted files don’t actually store the passwords they are encrypted with in plain text. Instead they store a cryptographic representation of the password in the form of a hash. This hash is nothing like the password. For example, the password may be something like “Passw0rd”, but it’s hash will be something like “9DEE45A0B690234AA8”

Finding the hash value of the password is not enough  to ‘crack’ the password as entering the hash value in the password field will not work. Instead the hash itself needs to be cracked in order to find its equivalent password. This is often done by a program that tries millions of different character combinations and ‘hashes’ each one until the hash values match. Once the correct hash is found the password is found also.

Data Clinic’s Password Recovery Services

Here is a list of some of the password protected file types Data Clinic are able to extract the passwords from and thus decrypt and recover the data from:

  • 1 Password
  • 7Z (7 Zip) archives
  • Mac OSX 10.5 and onwards
  • Apple Secure Notes
  • WPA and WPA2
  • Full Disk Encryption:
    • LUKS (Linux Unified Key System)
    • TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt
    • Windows Bitlocker
    • Apple FileVault 2
    • APFS
    • EFS
    • EncFS
    • Bitlocker
    • FDE
  • VMWare
  • Cloud Services:
    • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • PGP Encrypted Files
  • Mac OS Keychain
  • KDE Wallet Manager
  • Password Safe
  • Microsoft Office files (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT etc)
  • PDF encrypted documents
  • RAR archives
  • ZIP archives

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Data Clinic Locations

We have many data recovery locations across the UK. You are welcome to drop off but will need to book an appointment first.
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