Data Recovery Cost – How Much Does It Cost ?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving information (‘data’) that is no longer accessible from devices such as computer hard drives or smartphones that are unresponsive or no longer work properly.

There are many reasons for data recovery, typically a hard drive or phone may have been dropped, resulting in serious damage that prevents access to the data on the device.

The cost of data recovery depends significantly on what’s actually wrong with the device. Some problems are easier to deal with than others. As a rule of thumb, smartphone data recovery services cost between £195 and £295, whilst hard drive problems usually cost between £350 and £600 (but can be more in certain cases). Below are real queries submitted to the Data Clinic web site. In all these cases, the prices above are applicable.

WD 1Tb External hard drive became quite full – Used as general manual back up and also to store photos and videos whilst travelling. Hard drive carried during multi year trip in bag, tightly packed, maybe knocked etc. Light comes on, whirrs, clicks then whirrs. Also potential issue with format regarding plugging into mac/pc.

After several tries of entering the passcode for my old iPhone 4s, I failed an all attempts as I had forgotten the passcode as I had not used the phone for over a year. The iPhone eventually became disabled and I had to reset my phone using iTunes, this would delete all my data. I was hoping if could retrieve all my images and videos.

My Samsung external hard drive is unreadable. Can you give me a price quote for the date recovery?

I have a WD My Passport for Mac, last week I went to Rome where I used the external hard drive to backup all of my pictures from my DSLR.
The HDD is still under warranty as it’s basically brand new, I would never have expected for this to happen.
When I have returned from my holiday my HDD has failed and I’ve lost all of my pictures. The HDD makes a ticking noise and it is not detectable by my Mac.
Is it fixable? If so how much would this cost?

My Seagate Expansion Hard Drive hit on the floor and stop working.
My computer can’t access the data anymore and when connected the name showed has changed to raptor 2.5 instead expansion.
Is it possible to recover its data? How much would it be?

I’m based in Cambridge and I have a badly smashed iPhone 5 with precious data that I would like recovered. There is power to the phone and the battery and charge sockets are not working. Can you help? I can call into London if necessary

I have a crashed Western Digital 1TB H/D that Dell say needs replacing. I also have a 1TB Toshiba Canvio Basics Ext HDD that hopefully the data can be recovered to. I can take the devices to your Lapworth, Solihull office in Birmingham. How much is it likely to cost please?

i have a Toshiba Canvio hdtp220ek3ca and this has stopped being recognised in my laptop. the issues is with the actual connector i belive . is this something that can be looked at and data rcovered if a connection can be re made or else the hard drive removed?

I have a WD passport ultra that is faulty it makes a beep noise and wont read. Disk does not appear in BIOS, appears to be a dead controller. Please help

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