Is Data Recovery on a Phone possible after a Factory Reset ?

Factory reset iPhone | Data Clinic LtdIt’s a question we get asked a lot – Is it possible to recover data from a phone after a factory reset? Unfortunately, the answer on most modern phones is No, it is not possible. With older phones there is still a chance, but most people have phones that are less than two years old, and that makes the chances very slim.

Golden Rule: So if your phone is behaving oddly and the manufacturers recommend that you factory reset the phone, don’t do it if you want the recover the data that is already on the phone. Instead contact us first and we’ll quote you a cost for recovering the data from your phone.

If you’d like to call into a Data Clinic office please click here for a list of Data Clinic locations, alternatively call us and we’ll collect the phone from you free of charge.

Factory reset Android phone | Data Clinic LtdBelow are some enquiries we’ve had regarding phone data recovery. Click this link for our main phone data recovery web page, covering iPhone iOS, and Android OS phones – Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Nokia etc.

iPhone recovery
Iphone 6 – data recovery. I live in Dore and the phone needs recovering. It suffered water damage a week ago and has been drying since. It won’t start up properly but will show apple logo screen. The phone isn’t recognised by iTunes, unless you put it in DFU mode. I haven’t got a recent back up of the phone, so hoping for data recovery to retrieve contacts, photos and app data. Phone isn’t working (obviously) so please email me.

I have an iPhone and have deleted a whole conversation of texts to myself and my partner there is about 300/400 text which are sentimental. I believe they can be recovered as I have read it on line however I don’t have a PC or the skills to do it. Can you help?

My old IPhone 5 fell into water when I was out in Richmond Sheffield and hasn’t worked since. I bought an IPhone 6 so didn’t bother to get the IPhone 5 fixed. However, I need to data that may be on the whats app i had on this phone. Are you able to repair the phone please and recover data that may have been lost?

iPhone was stuck on the Apple. Apple have tried to fix this, but have now restored factory settings and phone still stuck on the Apple. Can data be recovered from this still?

Samsung Galaxy recovery
Can you please advise the cost to replace a screen on a Samsung S8+. My Son has dropped this and although the phone turns on, due to a small shatter point on the lower right hand corner, the screen constantly flickers and you cannot make selections on the device.

My wife’s mobile phone has stopped working, it is a samsung s7. we went to bed and she put it on charge like normal, in the morning it wouldnt turn on. i went through the button resets this didnt work, i have also changed the battery again this didnt work. she has lost some ireplaceable pictures and we would like to know if they can be recovered.

My ex partner returned my phone after doing a factory reset am I have lost all the pictures of my son and messages. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy s8 edge

HTC recovery
Can you advise if you can extract data from a HTC one A9 phone that has a broken screen and wont switch on? I have tried the various different online extractors but each one come up with the USB needs debugging. Should I factory reset?
Can you help?

LG Recovery
I have an LG G3 which won’t turn on. There are some photos stored on the device which I want to recover. Can you please let me know if this is something you are able to help with and roughly what the cost would be.

Phone has been opened to all networks and had to be rooted but in the process data has been lost

LG phone has severe physical damage. Had a consultation done and was told that there may be a problem with the power management chip. Are you able to recover data from the phone despite this? The phone had not been backed up so I would like to recover as much data as possible