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Seed Words in an Incorrect Order

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Recovery of ETH from Inaccessible Wallet

Data Clinic have just recovered several Ethereum (ETH) from a wallet where the recovery seed had been written down incorrectly.

Ethereum cryptocurrenct coins | Data Clinic LtdThe client believed he had changed the order of the seed words for security reasons incase his seed words were ever discovered.

The client’s ETH was stored on a Ledger Nano hardware wallet that had stopped working. This didn’t matter because the client still had his 24 seed words, so recreating the wallet and its contents should have been easy enough. However when the client attempted to do this the results were invalid and the wallet could not be recreated.

Either the client’s seed words were incorrect or / & were in the wrong order. Without the correct seed words in the correct order the ETH in the clients wallet was lost for good. Fortunately we were able to identify the problems and correctly recreate the client’s wallet and restore access to his ETH.

If you have a wallet you can no longer access due to  invalid, incorrect or missing seed words and you’d like us to fix the problem we will need 2 things:

  1. Your seed words
  2. Your wallet address

If you have enabled the advanced passphrase security feature we will also need your passphrase.

All communications between yourself and Data Clinic are confidential and can proceed under contract and non-disclosure if you wish. Our minimum fee is 20% of the wallet or £1000, whichever is greater and you only pay if we successfully recover your crypto.

See our main page about seed word recovery.

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