Data recovery examples and UK lab locations

Here are some recent enquiries for data recovery we’ve received at Data Clinic offices throughout the UK. As you can see, we handle all types of data recovery enquiry, often retrieving your files within 2-5 days.

  • Bootlooping Nexus 5X, need to recover data such as 2FA codes.
  • Two days ago I plugged off my USB Flash drive after switching off the computer. Since then the computer (or any other computer) is not able to open the data stored on the USB drive. In the meantime my laptop once recognized the USB flash drive when I plugged it in, and was able to open folders, but it has not been able to open word files or copy them. What I tried to do yesterday: I changed the drive name because an online tool recommended doing so, but this did not help. I kindly ask for your response and would be happy if you can help.
  • External Harddrive was dropped. When connected to PC, drive appears to power on but data cannot be accessed
  • I have iPhone physically broken / damaged. I want recover multimedia files from phone. I want to know how can I send it to check and how much will cost it.
  • I have a 2012 MacBook Pro with a HDD, a recent upgrade has corrupted the HDD and as a result will only boot up in prohibitory mode. I cannot gain access to the HDD through the MacBook and would love to get the data back. Is this something you could sort for me?
  • Hi , my photo got disabled so I had restart the phone again and all my data deleted unfortunately it wasn’t backed up , so just wondering would you’s be able to recover data on uk iPhone se ? Thanks
  • My hard drive had stopped spinning and is removed. It is a Seagate Barracuda. 7200 12. 250GB. It had over 1000 Photos in Photo Gallery. Thats all I need to be saved if possible. Please give an estimate of likely cost.
  • I had a hard drive in my old Mac that was damaged from a power surge. Apparently the drive head moved and as a result the hard drive is no longer accessible. I need some important documents and an old work portfolio recovered from it. Can you help?
  • 2.5″ 320gb sata. Put it in a caddy and it booted up (so not a stuck head), sounded a bit nasty. Showed up in device manager but not in explorer or disk management (in fact disk management refused to load, as did diskpart on cmd). The top of the HDD looks scratched but that’s because I was trying to find the screws after it stopped working to fix myself… decided this was not a good idea. This shouldn’t have led to any further damage although it looks a bit tatty. Any help as to what this is, whether it’s recoverable (it hasn’t been through any trauma damage I can remember so I’m hopeful) and a rough quote would be great. Am based in London.
  • Dropped hard drive and now not appearing on PCs and making a bleep noise . I’m a teacher so have a lot (not all backed up) work on it. Can you help, please?
  • Both laptop and external seagate 2TB HD were in sleep mode when the seagate fell down onto the laptop power adapter on the floor. When 1st switched on the seagate icon appeared on Windows it then started making strange noises and the icon disappeared, I then switched it off. There seems to have been some damage to the seagate internally, can you provide a price for data recovery.
  • I was wondering if you could possibly help me please. I have recently dropped my seagate 2TB external hard drive out of my laptop bag. I plugged it in to my laptop, and although my laptop made the sound that it had recognised the hard drive it didn’t actually show up, and Im now no longer able to access it. The hard drive also makes a bleeping sound now too when it’s plugged in. I have had a local computer company look at it but unfortunately they weren’t able to retrieve any of the data and said that I will need a specialist company look at it, so I wa wondering if you would be able to help me please, and if so how much it’s going to cost etc?
  • I was wondering if you could help me with a data issue I have. I have an AVI files (4.6gb) that is only showing 30ish minutes of footage when it should have over an hour. Would you be able to help with the recovery/repair of this?
  • Damaged android smartphone and can’t turn on and retrieve data (contacts and notes ).
  • I have a seagate external hard drive and yesterday it fell off my counter and when i plug it back in i hear a beeping noise for a couple of minutes then turns off.
  • I dropped my external hard drive while travelling in South Korea. Some technicians were able to recover the photos but not the videos or adobe and CAD files.
  • Server Type QNAP Pro 559 pro+ , RAID 5, 5WD HD. Unfortunate circumstance that one of the HD failed. While replacing and rebuilding the failed drive another HD failed! The folders no longer appear on the interface. The rebuilding was running forever… I will need to recover approximately 7TB of data. Can you please let me know what are the steps that i need to take? And how much this will cost me and finally on what medium would the restored data be saved.
  • WD MyPassport USB Drive 4Tb that appears to have serious bad sectors and possibly physical defect. Windows My Computer doesn’t pick it up and the Storage management tool shows a RAW file system, depiste lots of data being on the drive. Enquiring for a friend so don’t know how full the drive is but a best estimate for recovery would be great.

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