What Are The 3 Most Popular Causes of Mobile Phone Repair ?

Or put another way, what are the three most popular reasons that mobile phones are sent for repair? Personally, I’ve lost count of the number of mobile phones I’ve owned over years but it’s a respectable number. This is mostly because I’ve managed to break so many of them in a variety of different ways.

My best rock ‘n’ roll moment with a mobile phone happened in a Montmartre bar a couple of years ago, just before a Motley Crue concert. From memory this involved a cracked the screen on my iPhone, several very potent green cocktails, a Parisienne fire-eater named Claude, a cobbled stone floor and not one, but two dwarves… Anyway I digress,

So what are the 3 most popular reasons people send their mobile and smart phones for repair?

1. Cracked Screens

Apart from the Paris incident above, I’ve never cracked a screen on any of my mobile phones, but it seems quite a lot of people have. The biggest cause of a cracked screen is the phone being dropped from a height onto a hard surface such as a stone floor or pavement. In nearly all the instances the phone slips from a pocket (often a front one) or falls out of the hand of it’s owner. Studies have shown that having your phone in a protective case of some kind cuts impact damage by over 80%.

2. Liquid Damage

Phones accidentally get drinks spilt on them, fall into the bath, or even worse into the toilet. In all cases liquids and mobile phones don’t mix well. Dropping a mobile phone into any liquid will often short circuit the phones electronics and it will no longer switch on. Sometimes with careful handling it is possible to dry a phone out successfully, but other times it will need to be sent for repair.

3. Locked Phones

That’s right, the third most popular reason a mobile or smart phone will be sent for repair is because it has been locked and the user can no longer get into it. But how did the phone become locked in the first place? Well there are quite a few of us who change or set a new passcode on our phones, only to be distracted at the vital moment and then find we can’t remember what code we used to lock the phone. But the largest cause of locked phones is letting other people, especially young children, play with them… You tell yourself it’ll be ok, little Jimmy only wants to play Space Invaders, what can possibly go wrong? Next thing you know, not only has he somehow managed to beat your high score, he’s also locked your phone but didn’t bother to remember the new code because he didn’t think it was important. Tsk tsk, kids eh?


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