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Soldered MacBook SSD’s and the T2 Security Chip

From 2016 onwards Apple began the rollout of two hardware ‘features’ in their laptops that hamper data recovery attempts: soldered SSD’s and the T2 security chip.

In addition to this, from 2018 Apple also removed the Customer Data Migration connector from the motherboard. This was a connection that allowed data to be transferred from machines where the motherboard had failed.

Soldered SSD’s

First seen in the MacBook Pro, Apple started to solder the system’s SSD hard drive directly to the computer’s motherboard. This meant that the average user or IT repair shop could no longer remove the hard drive to attempt data recovery or upgrade their storage. This design feature is now common to all modern Mac laptops.

T2 Security Chip

MacBook T2 security chip | Data Clinic LtdSince 2017 Apple added the T2 security chip to the motherboard. This is a separate processor that further locks down the Mac and it’s data. It also makes data recovery more complicated. We have found that we can fix the Mac and allow a 3rd party OS to be booted which will allow a clone of the SSD to another device, or to recover it via TDM (Target Disk Mode). The game has recently changed with the introduction of the Catalina update to Apple OS which has introduced a ‘Safe Boot‘ option that is enabled by default, this prohibits the booting of a 3rd party OS – basically Apple do not want anyone besides Apple to gain access.

Currently the ONLY option for data recovery is to get the Mac to boot via TDM, but any damage to the NAND or T2 chip renders it unrecoverable. If you have a MacBook you need to recover the data from please contact us.

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