Rebuilding phones and hard drives for charges under RIPA III Section 49

Damaged phones rebuilt into a working condition

Section 49 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) Act (Part 3) allows charges to be brought for withholding passwords and encryption keys from hard drives, mobile phones and other digital storage media such as memory sticks.

In order to issue a Section 49 notice, the device in question must be in a working condition.

We are able to repair and rebuild phones, hard drives and memory sticks to get them into a working state so that a Section 49 notice can then be issued against the owner of the device.

Phones and hard drives that seem hopelessly broken can be successfully reconstructed and rebuilt whilst preserving the data held on them and maintaining the evidential chain. This includes phones that have been smashed, bent, left in water, thrown into fire, run over etc etc.


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