It’s been a good month so far for DataClinic’s Advanced Data Recovery (ADR) service. We’ve currently seen 4 hard drives whose data had been declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies. Good job these 4 customers hunted around and decided to send their drives to us for a second opinion because we’ve been able to recover the data from all of them.

Testimonial from Bradley Reed:

“It isn’t possible to put a price on the information I would have lost if I hadn’t found Data Clinic. Value for money? incalculable. ”

Data Clinic's Advanced Data Recovery Service

Using our Advanced Data Recovery service to recover a hard drive that another data recovery company had declared unrecoverable.

Testimonial from Co Syn:

“I did my detailed research online for a number of companies that do Data recovery. There are a lot of them out there, with really fancy websites, and really awesome claims and even really awesome initial pricing. But as my data was very critical to me, I called each one and interviewed the technical people who were going to do my data recovery. A lot of them would only allow you to talk to sales individuals, who will promise the world, but when asked how or anything remotely technical, they cannot deliver.

At Dataclinic, I talked to an actual technical engineer. He explained the process in as much detail as I needed. Also the real winner for me the previous independent reviews they had. The third factor was that they are connected to some really big data recovery research facilities.

I sent my drives to them, and they were able to recover all my data. Very happy, and will use them again. ”

If another data recovery company have told you your hard drive data is not recoverable, please contact us – we can often recover it.

You can read more information about our ADR service by selecting it from the ‘Services’ menu at the top of the page.