ESET Encryption and Bitlocker
We believe the following has happened: ESET Endpoint encryption was enabled on a Windows laptop. A decryption was then initiated and completed but asked for a reboot to complete. The computer was not rebooted and Bitlocker was enabled. Initially when booting up we got to the ESET encryption page which asked for our key to decrypt. After speaking with ESET support they didn’t believe the drive was encrypted anymore by ESET and gave us some steps to follow. We have the keys for both Bitlocker and ESET but when booting the computer now nothing happens once it tries to boot from the disk.
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Water damaged Samsung S10
I’ve recently water-damaged my Samsung S10 (fell into a pool with chlorinated water). I’ve taken off the back cover and disconnected the battery ASAP while letting the phone dry (I have several years of phone repair experience and my warranty was already expired). I see a fair amount of corrosion all over the motherboard so I intend to clean it with IPA and my ultrasonic bath in a few days and replace the battery (although it does not seem to be puffy or damaged itself), but in case the device does not boot, I was wondering if you could quote me on how much it would cost to recover data from the device. The device drive was NOT encrypted. More information about data recovery from water damaged phones can be found at