Data Recovery Examples – London and Birmingham

In this post we look at enquiries for data recovery in our London and Birmingham locations, and also i/o problems on a Ubuntu hard disk drive.

4TB Seagate HDD Recovery London

Data Clinic Ltd, New London House, 6 New London Street, EC3R 7LP

I spoke to Mike at the Data Clinic the other day about my issue, basically my 4TB Seagate Back Up plus drive has stopped being readable on my computer. It’s not making any strange noises, but just won’t load up. I was using Premiere Pro the other day and whilst using it the computer crashed, and I had to perform a forced shutdown. The next day when I came to open my computer and use the drive, the drive didn’t load up. It has a fair bit of video footage on it and several Premiere Project files. The footage is pretty much backed up elsewhere, I think, although I don’t have a log of everything that is on the drive. The project files I could do with quite urgently if they can be retrieved, the rest I can wait for. Mike suggested you might be able to email certain files over whilst the retrieval was being carried out. I can drop the drive off at Regus on New London Street St this evening. Whilst this is a business, rather than home issue, I am a one man band, so I’m hoping the home/business question doesn’t increase the price significantly? Please let me know if there’s anything else you need to know.

SSHD Data Recovery in Birmingham

Data Clinic, Grosvenor House, 11 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1RB

My laptop SSHD (hybrid) hard drive does not start up. I have a few questions and I also have another laptop hard drive which has failed on me. I would love to send both of these hard drives to your company and would like to get started. I would be happy if your Birmingham branch can contact me as I live in Bham.

Data recovery Ubuntu

I think I dropped or sat on the Linux drive at some point a while ago. When I plug it in and try to view files (using ubuntu 16.04, nautilus) it says there’s an operation pending for a while before finally opening and showing no files. I cd into it in a terminal and it mentions an io failure. I’ve got about 200GB stored on it, including a load of skiing footage that I’d like to keep, if possible. However, I’m a uni student and therefore on a tight budget. What shall I do?

Watford London Data Recovery

I’m looking to retrieve data from a laptop HD (4TB Seagate hard drive) which (I am informed) has been damaged.
The laptop suffered some water damage and I have removed the HD. I am mainly looking to retrieve my iTunes music library which was about 500GB of data, but anything else that could be recovered would also be welcome.
I am free this week and can travel down into London from where I live (Watford). Can you give me a rough estimate of how much this would cost (assuming the recovery is possible). My phone is currently unavailable so please let me know via email.