Here’s a selection of a day’s enquiries received at Data Clinic. As you can see we handle a great variety of different types of data recovery work.

Dropped Hard Drive

Laptop got dropped while switched on. 500GB ACER (make) HD is damaged. repair shop said to recover data needs specialised help. Can you assist, they said HD is making noise (clicking I think). Email me please as I am away from home right now.

Clicking hard drives usually mean failed read/write heads inside the hard drive itself. Recovery of the data is often possible but we will need to replace the broken heads with working ones. This is therefore a job that requires clean room attention. Please contact us and we should be able to help.

OSX / Mac

17″ MacBook Pro system drive is clicking and will not boot.
Need to recover files ASAP
Please advise. Cost also?
Hi there. I wanted to format my computer and reinstalled the OSX. I followed these instructions via the disk utility: Near the beginning of the OSX reinstallation process, I remembered I had some data in there (folder of circa 5,800 pictures) that I want to recover. Please could you provide a quote for this? As there is no OS/user interface, and to prevent writing more to the disk, it will probably have to be recovered via another computer by removing the hard drive. Please provide a quote and timelines for recovery, and also it would be good to hear about the probably to recover the data.

Hi, whereas recovering the data from partially formatted / reinstalled computers can often be straightforward on Windows machines, this is not the case on Mac OSX systems. We’ll need to take a closer look at how the data is written to your hard drive, and see what damage the reinstall has done – here’s our page on Mac OSX recovery –


I have a Netgear ReadyNAS 516 with 6 x 4TB drives in an X-RAID (RAID 5) array. 2 weeks ago the drives all appeared offline and would not come back on line. The drives themselves are all physically OK, and Netgear L3 support have spent the past 2 weeks attempting recovery. Today they have said that 1.7TB of the remaining data is unrecoverable. The remaining data is the most valuable…. !! Do you think you can help? Thanks

Hi yes we have a specialist RAID team that operates countrywide. From what you describe, we should be able to help you. We have a web page on this site specific to Netgear ReadyNAS data recovery at


Are you able to recover data from my smashed iphone ?
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me retrieve memory (photos in particular) from a water damaged iPhone 5 that cannot switch on and has been taken to a repair technician and he cannot repair it to be able to switch on- please let me know! Thank you!

Hi, yes we can retrieve data from all generations of Apple iPhone including water damaged smartphones. If we can’t recover your files using software we can use more advanced techniques known as JTAG and Chip-off – where we read the data directly from the phone’s memory chips. More details about these processes can be read here and please contact us if you would like further assistance.