Data Clinic’s Advanced Data Recovery Service goes from Strength to Strength

We’ve just completed the successful recovery a badly damaged 750GB Seagate hard drive that came to us all the way from Australia. The hard drive had previously been sent to other data recovery companies who were unsuccessful in recovering the data.

DataClinic's Advanced Data Recovery Case Study Seagate Barracuda 750GB

Faults and Problems with the drive:

  • Read/Write Head assembly had multiple head failures
  • Excessive vibration on lowermost platter (possibly the result of previous recovery attempts)
  • Firmware corruption in Service Area (SA)
  • Physical damage to platter surface(s)

 Work Carried Out:

  • Mild physical damage (head crash) to platter 0 confirmed by visual inspection in cleanroom
  • Head Assembly replaced in cleanroom
  • Firmware relating to head calibration recovered from SA
  • Platter re-aligned to reduce vibration
  • Corrupted SA modules replaced
  • Heads re-calibrated to accommodate replacements
  • Full read of data not possible so data read from individual heads one-by-one with head specific recalibration at each stage
  • Data from individual head ‘reads’ re-assembled and tested for file structure, confirmed as being partial recovery only.

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