Sony Xperia Phone Recovery

Data Recovery from Sony Xperia Phones

For many of us, the smartphone and tablet is now more widely used than desktop and laptop computers, with over 50% of internet searches now being conducted from a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop computer. The Sony Xperia range includes smart phones and tablets – both are very popular and as such we see many that suffer accidents and come in for recovery and repair.

Common Causes Of Xperia Problems

  • Phones / Tablets has been dropped
  • Touchscreens become unresponsive or malfunction – frequently as a result of being dropped
  • Overheating – Many users have reported their Xperia getting very warm and sometimes overheating causing it to stop working
  • Users are unable to pass the lock screen – this is often caused by an unsuccessful software update
  • Battery won’t charge
  • Phone or tablet no longer powers on

Recovering Xperia Data

A Sony Xperia holds a huge amount of data including

  • Contacts and addresses
  • SMS and MMS messages
  • Chat conversations
  • App data
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Videos and movies
  • GPS and location data
  • Internet history

There are many reasons why a phone or tablet stops working, in nearly all cases we are able to recover the data you can no longer access. This is true even if you device is completely dead and is unresponsive.

Recovering Deleted Data on Xperia

In addition to recovering the data from damaged or broken Xperia phone and tablets we can also recover data that has been deleted, accidentally or deliberately. Perhaps there’s a movie or some contact information that have been deleted by mistake? Or perhaps you inadvertently deleted a photo gallery? Providing this data has not been overwritten in the meantime, we can usually get it back. Retrieving deleted data such as SMS text messages or WhatsApp conversations is very common in phone investigation cases when the messages are often part of a legal case.

Why Choose Us To Recover Your Xperia ?

Sony Xperia JTAG
We use advanced techniques of data extraction such a JTAG (above) and Chip-Off to recover the data from Sony Xperia phones and tablets.

The phone data recovery services offered by our competitors are useless if the Xperia phone or tablet is dead. This is because our competitors only use a software recovery approach that relies on the device still working for them to affect a recovery. We don’t – in addition to the software approach, we use two hardware based techniques that our competitors can’t to retrieve the data from almost any type of phone or tablet problem:

  • JTAG – JTAG is a technique that allows us to communicate with the phone / tablet’s memory chip by hardwiring into access points on it’s motherboard.
  • Chip Off – Allows us to read the data directly from the phone / tablet’s memory chip(s). Once read this data is reconstructed as per the phone’s or tablet’s memory chip configuration.

With local recovery centre’s around the country including London, Manchester and Glasgow, we offer a free collection service or go here to find our local regional centres.

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