Examples of Data Clinic’s Data Recovery Work On Seagate Hard Drives

Data Clinic’s data recovery lab in Bury, Greater Manchester specialises in recovering files and data from all Seagate hard drives including the Backup Plus and Expansion external hard drives and internal hard drives such as the Barracuda. The Data Clinic lab is located at Data Clinic, The Pavilions, Bridge Hall Lane, Bury, Greater Manchester BL9 7NX.

Below are example enquiries from customers with broken, faulty and unresponsive Seagate hard drives who want their data recovering. If you have a problem similar to the example below please get in touch. We should be able to help you.

Seagate sata hd has ceased to function require some server data retrieving asap if possible. The harddrive doesn’t appear in device manager and makes a clicking noise when starting up. It has a number of photos and videos on. Can you help? – Manchester

Portable Seagate Expansion hard drive has started making a beeping/clicking noise when plugged in and is not visible on laptop. The beeps last for 4/5 beeps and then stop. The laptop makes the noise to recognise the drive but nothing happens. I was wondering whether it needs data recovery and if you can help/provide a quote – Bolton, Greater Manchester

I have a usb Seagate Backup Plus external drive that is not being recognised on any of my devices. It has mainly photographs , and some document files. Is it possible to retrieve the data? If possible what would be the cost? – Stockport, Greater Manchester

Two Seagate hard drives – an internal Barracuda 3TB and an expansion desktop external. Both are used on a new 2021 MacBook Air. The Barracuda is unresponsive and faulty in some way, the expansion drive is no longer recognised, but there aren’t any other symptoms.
I need the data & hopefully a working disk in the future.
Can you help please? – Bury, Greater Manchester

Seagate ultra – drive not responding via network or USB connection. Need to retrieve the files – Salford

HDD Seagate is clicking and cannot be read – Stockport, Manchester

Not able to load up various harddisks
1. External USB hard drive – Seagate Expansion Ultra
2. Disconnected and exposed – Seagate Barracuda7200 – 120GB – ST31120022A
3. Enclosed disk inside a tower – 3.5inch hard drive – Seagate
Eccles, Salford

I have a Seagate Barracuda (2.0TB, 3.5″) that is no longer recognised by my PC’s bios and doesn’t appear in Win 10 My Computer, disk management etc. I have tried switching the SATA connection and power supply to no avail. The disk sounds like it is spinning but with very intermittent light click sound. It stopped working very suddenly (during use a music file was suddenly “not found” and then I could not access the drive to locate the file. Intermittently the drive reappeared in Windows Explorer but without any of the usual details of Total Size or Available Space). There does not appear to be any physical damage to the exterior of the drive. It’s been in the same PC for several years. The drive is reasonably full and any assistance with recovery would be greatly appreciated.
I am very local to your St Pauls Sq Birmingham address if that is relevant.


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