Recover data from Dell Latitude
1TB spinning drive – we have followed all of Dells suggestions (remove battery and hard drive. Remove both, hold power. Remove battery, hold power, use via mains power), the F2 BIOE menu (inc full complete system scan) and the I believe F8 or F12 menu that checks the component parts.
The hard drive has also been transplanted into a few donor machines and has never been recognised.
The Latitude was running increasingly slowly, taking seconds to type a single letter and then on the last day documents went fully white. Some text would randomly show up and then after 15 or so minutes the screen went fully white, then reset, then shows said error.
Dell have said they literally don’t care, but will send a replacement hard drive. The information on it is pretty important to the owner (I told her multiple times to back up everything and was ignored). Dell had also been contacted 3 times, livechat saying the system was slow and that it was a memory issue, the hard drive would be looked at and that the battery was faulty ((it was dropped on its side I believe around then but the memory and speed issues had been since almost day 1)). The engineer was told to bring the wrong part and said the note had not mentioned the hard drive.
A second engineer came out, replaced the battery, was rude and then left. She contacted the Dell subsidiary to complain and they were meant to be fixing it in December.
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Sony Ericsson K800i phone recovery
I have a Sony Ericsson K800i that my dad gave to me to try and get old holiday photos and videos off of but it wont turn on and we’re not sure what to do. Phone doesn’t have a memory card they are directly on the phone. When the charger is plugged in a red light at the bottom sometimes stays on for a few minutes or simply flashes for a few seconds then stays off but it ultimately still doesn’t turn on. We’ve bought a new charger and battery and left it to charge for days and nothing has helped to turn it on so far.
I’ve read online that the red blinking indicates either a battery problem or about updating/flashing the firmware or a corrupted erom? I’ve also seen some things about a wotanserver but I’m not sure what that is. A lot of other forums with this problem are more 10 years old so any helpful links and advice is outdated. We’ve spent years trying to recover the data and my dad really wants to get these old family photos and videos from the phone and to stop worrying about them.
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