iPhone Stuck on Apple logo & Samsung Phone Recovery

iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

My iPhone 4 gets stuck on the Apple before switching off, then switching to the logo agaim and so on. The last thing I did with this device was attempting to copy a link received as a text into my browser (link was related to legit love2shoprewards voucher issued by my former employer so definitely not spam or anything of the sort) so I believe the issue might have to do with that. Upon attempting to copy the link, the phone switched off but that wasn’t suspicious because there happened to be very little battery life left at that moment. But after that, it has been the Apple logo issue all the time, except at times the battery was fully depleted, at which times the usual battery and charger symbols would show up on screen. Alternatively, I came across information that links quite a lot of these cases to a battery that would need to be replaced. I already own an unused battery (not an original Apple product still – it is a product bought on Amazon about 2 years ago) still in its original packaging which could potentially be used if that is what is causing the issue. As I do not own a suitable screwdriver for removing the back cover, I have not yet attempted to replace the battery.

Links: /data-recovery-from-iphones/ and https://www.dataclinic.co.uk/recovering-data-from-iphone-error-1110/

Need to recover data from Samsung S23 Ultra or from S20 +(plus) 5g if possible.

Without resetting the S23 Ultra if possible.
I had a Samsung S20 and upgraded to S23 Ultra on Monday 2nd October. Before swap I created a Samsung cloud backup of all my phone data. The transfer was successful and my new phone was up and running with all the (now missing) notes on the phone. The phone had no issues and all data was present. However, yesterday, 5th October I was deleting all information off of the S20 and doing a factory reset so my daughter can have my old phone. Unfortunately when I deleted the Samsung notes from the S20 it was still synced with the samsung cloud/my new device. All the notes from the last three years have disappeared from my S23, some of which are very important Samsung notes. I tried the recycle bin on both devices but could not find any of the notes. I tried to restore using Samsung Cloud but I think I deleted the back up that was needed in the process (the back up created on the S20 on 2nd Oct). I tried to restore notes on my S23 but it only restored to the point after the notes had been deleted from the S20. The S20 was then factory reset. Now my S23 is missing all the notes from the last three years, the correct back up from Monday 2nd October is missing/deleted so I cannot even restore to the correct point when my phone had all the notes. Today 6th Oct, I got in touch with Samsung who walked me thorugh all of what I had already done but no success. They tried Samsung cloud, samsung notes, restore and back up etc. However, they could not do it and said that there is nothing more they can do. All they did was the same as what I did but I am hoping that a professional can help. Is there any way at all that the Samsung notes that disappeared from the samsung notes app can be restored or found? If not, can the back up I created on Monday be restored so that my phone will be as it was with all notes and apps present? Basically my phone worked yesterday morning and had all the notes presnt but by yesterday evening they were deleted/gone so I am hoping you can help. I would be grateful if you can email or text rather than call because I have some disabilities that can sometimes affect my thinking and speech.

Links: https://www.dataclinic.co.uk/samsung-mobile-phone-repair-and-recovery/