Help and Advice, December 2016 – Data Recovery

In this post we look at 3 very different data recovery requirements:

  • A G-Technology NAS system where the disks are not being recognised
  • Retrieval of Whatsapp and SMS messages deleted from an iPhone 5
  • Recovery of data from an Sun Microsystem RAID 5 server

I’ve added links where appropriate.

G-Technology NAS Fault

I have a 4T G speed es since I upgraded my system, it won’t read the the hard drive. I’m now using OSxEl Capitan 10.11.6 on a 2×2.4Ghz 6core intel with 24Gb memory
I can feel that the disks are spinning.
I have followed the online forums and upgraded the drivers etc but still nothing
Can the data be retrieved and What is the approx cost to retrieve the data?
How long does it take?

The time it takes to recover data is largely dependent on the fault with the hard drive. As your G-Technology system has 4 hard drives, it’s feasible that there could be a problem with all of them. This will add significantly to the time taken to retrieve the information as we will be recovering the data from each disk. Usually however, this is not the case, there’s probably only a problem with one or two of the disks, but the type of problem can also impact on the recovery time. Mechanical problems – best described as where a repetitive click can be heard from a hard drive are the most complex type of problem and often require spare parts. We have a sizeable spare parts library ourselves though sometimes we have to order parts in. Frequently these come from the US and delivery time is often about a week

Retrieve WhatsApp Messages

I would like to retrieve text and whatsapp messages that have been deleted for two numbers and also emails for one name. 2015 – present day. My device is an iPhone 5. Please advise how much it will cost, how long it will take and will you have my phone at your office for a period of time?

Retrieving deleted messages is always a hit and miss affair and is entirely dependent on whether the messages required have been overwritten in the meantime. There are several techniques available to restore deleted messages and it doesn’t matter whether these are WhatsApp messages, text messages or any other form of message. You can read more here about our phone data recovery and forensic data recovery services.

Recover Files from Sun Server

Three disks failed in RAID 5 SUN system, with 720GB of data.
Twenty years ago Sun systems were very popular, particularly in industry and academia. We are still asked to recover the data from Sun systems occasionally. The above RAID 5 system has come into us recently and more can be read about our Sun data recovery services on our web page