Cloud Storage Is Dead

You read it here first.

A study out today casts doubt that the UK’s power industry will be able to sustain hungry UK data centres with the power they require to hold all the data stored in the cloud within the next 10 years.

Here’s a statistic. Take a large data centre belonging to any well known ISP in the UK. How much power do you think it uses in one year in order to keep all those hard drives spinning and the data held available 24/7 ?

Perhaps you might the power used would be equivalent of 1000 UK households?… No, you’re way out.

Ok, well try 10,000 households… er, nope you’re still way too low.

To put you out of your misery, in one year a large UK data centre will use the equivalent power of 186,000 households. And with data storage growing exponentially, the UK won’t be able to actually power it’s own data centres in 10 years unless some radical thinking takes place.

So you think cloud storage has a bright future ?

And I read today that the Syrian army hijacked Paypal and eBay DNS’s over the weekend too.

Woo! cloud storage… fantastic!… not.