graphic of phone with Data Clinic logoBelow are some recent phone data recovery enquiries that have been submitted to Data Clinic. Follow the links below to find out more about our phone recovery services.

Samsung S8 file recovery
Hi my samsung s8 recently locked in me out of my phone without me changing the password, I was told to do a factory reset and all my photos have gone. Is there a chance to retrieve these photos back? I can call in at your Watford location.

Phone 6 Water Damaged
iPhone 6 water damaged never recovered- Took to repair shop unable to get it working – belief that main board is dead. We want to recover photos from the device as these were not backed up on iCloud as we had thought, since photo back up had not been selected

iPhone 8 Out of Memory
I have an iPhone 8 that ran out of memory with no backups so factory settings restore has lost all data. I have large number of photos i want to recover. can you help and if so what would it cost? Do you have a location in Wythenshawe or Cheadle, Manchester?

iPhone Frozen
Hi there, my iphone has frozen and wont update. It is saying the only option is to restore to factory settings, but my data hasnt been backing up onto the cloud for two months. Ive contacted apple and they cant do anything but just provided me with expensive data retrieval company websites. Would you be able to help me save this data? I’m mainly bothered about losing important photos.

Huawei P20 Broken Screen
My Huawei p20 screen has broken and what can only described as looking as if blue ink has leaked into the screen, it started small and has now spread to 90% of the phone turning black. The phone itself is working, I just can’t see anything. I am in Derby and wonder if you can recover the phone? The cost of replacing the screen is too great, which is why I would now like to retrieve all data off the phone !

Phone in rice
My Android phone went in water and unfortunately I couldn’t do the “rice trick” and save it. The phone does not switch on now but it does have a red light that keeps flashing (similar to when it’s on low battery). Any chance of recovering data from this? I need some photos and videos.

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