Maxtor 500GB OneTouch doesn’t spin
Maxtor 500GB OneTouch. No longer spins. Have tried to get it to work to retrieve data. I’ve swapped the circuit board but that did not resolve the issue. I’ve put it in the freezer / heated it with hot water bottle. Still does not spin when connected to PC. I’ve also opened it up to see why it doesn’t spin anymore. Can you help? How would it cost to retrieve the data on there? Mainly photos, videos and possible documents

Lacie 2TB Seagate Green failed
I have an 2TB 3.5 SATA mechanical hard disk that was in an external LaCie network enclosure that seems to have failed. To test the drive I removed it from the enclosure and attempted to read it in a PC, however its completely dead. No click of death and I couldn’t feel the disk spinning up. The drive is a 2TB Barracuda Green that was used to store photos and last worked approximately a year ago. I no longer have the enclosure I just kept the drive.

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Metamask recovery
I have a tricky situation with a lost MetaMask wallet and wanted to find out what is possible..
I set up MetaMask on my iPhone around 2020/21 with FaceID. I later also set up the MetaMask chrome extension on my Macbook Pro. I later changed my iPhone, and thought I had written down my password & seed phrase.
After wiping the iPhone, my Macbook prompted me to login with my password. it did not work. i also seemed to have misplaced my seed phrase so I couldn’t recover the wallet that way.
At the moment, I only have the laptop which has the original MetaMask extension and I also have ‘vault data’ extracted from the wallet (i couldn’t decrypt it without the password though).
Is any of this enough to begin to attempt a recovery? I’d appreciate any advice on what is possible and what other info you would need to attempt a recovery. I was hoping the vault data might be enough, or otherwise if there is info still on my laptop hard drive that might help out. I also cannot track the ETH address (for now, but working on it by tracking old transactions) but the wallet value is anywhere from around £500-50K

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