Data Clinic Office Locations: London, Manchester, Glasgow

Hard drive recovery in London, Manchester and Glasgow

With data recovery locations all over the UK, if you need the data from your phone or hard drive recovered come and see Data Clinic Ltd. We provide you with a free diagnosis and recover most data within 5 – 10 working days. The following are some recent hard drive recovery enquiries from some of our UK centres.

Data Recovery London

Address: Data Clinic, New London House, 6 New London Street, EC3R 7LP (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Here a some of the hard drive recovery enquiries recently dealt with at our London data recovery centre.

The external hard drive fell from a table to the floor. It still turns on when plugged in via usb and there are no odd noises coming from it. The drive appears as an untitled drive when plugged and and cannot be accessed. I’m in Chiswick London, but can get to New London House if necessary.

I have an Mac formatted 1TB external hard drive (was from a Lacie network drive) that i have put into a new enclosure. It worked for a few months but now fails to boot up – or does for a few minutes and then powers down. I have managed to run Disk Utility and attempted to run First Aid on it but it failed – i have a screen grab of an error message – which i can supply. The drive basically has my entire back catalogue of family photos on it – so would appreciate any light that you guys can shine on the situation.

I dropped my 3TB external My Passport Ultra drive on the floor whilst in Hammersmith, London. It now makes a clicking sound and my laptop doesn’t register it. The data on it isn’t essential but does have sentimental value.

Data Recovery in Manchester

Address: Data Clinic, The Pavilions, Bridge Hall Lane, Bury BL9 7NX (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm)

Here a some hard drive recovery requests that have recently come into our Manchester office.

I have a verbatim external hard drive with a samsung st1000lm024 hard drive inside, about 2 year ago it started beeping out of nowhere, I believe it had something to do with my Samsung tv at the time as my tv blew and wouldn’t read hard drives or play sound.. anyway I recently dug it out and tried to fix it myself by watching videos from youtube. It turned out the reader was stuck and I did exactly what they said. Anyway now the hard drive is clicking like the reader doesn’t want to play. I didn’t scratch the plate or touch it so i dont believe its damaged and i didn’t see any dust go on it, unless its tiny. Would you be able to recover the data from the hard drive? Its full of my sons baby pictures and videos and i wasnt expecting it to die on my so if i lose the hard drive i lose all of them. There maybe a few horror movies on there also which i dont care about, i just want my kids stuff. I’m in Stockport and know you have data recovery offices in Bury, Manchester.

I have an old Advent Laptop with an IBM Travelstar Hard Drive. After finishing using the computer I always save all my work but yesterday before I could save some of my work the old laptop crashed. When I tried to restart the laptop went into an endless booting loop from the black screen with one of the messages which read, “Start Computer Normally” and when I pressed “Enter” I got a blue screen and the cycle kept reaping until I pressed something and the laptop went into the System Recovery Mode. The Recovery Mode was “Quick format” which meant the Hard Drive would be cleaned and only programs installed at the factory would be installed. The computer gave me no choice as to which Recovery Mode I wanted. I thought I would get my files from “C” Drive file “My old disc structure” but this did not happen. It looks like I have lost the files I saved before the crash.
I am sure the Drive is Travelstar because I once took it off with the intention of buying a spare one in 2011. The computer itself is hopelessly slow with a Windows XP. How can I quickly recover the few files I had saved just before the crash? I’m in the centre of Manchester, near Salford.

Seagate data recovery – Glasgow office

Address: Data Clinic, 2nd Floor, Tay House, 300 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JR (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Here are some data recovery enquiries for Seagate hard drives that have come into our Glasgow offices.

The hard drive input (not the power lead input) but the opening that is shaped like a flattened figure 8 had become damaged and no longer connects to the PC via the USB. Is it possible to replace the input piece? It is a Seagate SRD00F2 model.

I was working with my laptop on the sofa and my external hard-drive fell. It was something like a 1 meter height but surprisingly it didn’t work after. My HD is a Seagate model SRD00F1 back up plus portable drive 1gb.

I live in Ayr but today I am in Glasgow. Could I come to your shop to get a quote for data recovery?

Seegate 500 gb external hard drive which was dropped and we now cannot access the information . when switched on it makes a beeping/alarm sound. We are keen to have this data as soon as possible . Could you let me know if it is something you can help with and the likely cost please