Good News For CryptoLocker Victims

Good news for victims of the CryptoLocker ransomware program, there is now a web site that allows their machines to be unlocked free of charge. The website, imaginatively called Decrypt CryptoLocker is at

Cryptolocker is a ransomware program that encrypts the data on the hard drives of infected machines before demanding a ransom payment to release the decryption key allowing the hard drives the be decrypted. Read more about CryptoLocker on Wikipedia here:

CryptoLocker first appeared towards the backend of 2013 and is thought to have encrypted an estimated 500,000 hard drives between September 2013 and May 2014. An estimated £16m in ransom money had been paid within this time.

CryptoLocker continues to evolve and is still a threat to systems, so remember to keep your anti virus protection up to date.