Apple Fusion Hard Drive Recovery Services

In this post we look at recovering the files from Fusion hard drives. Fusion hard drives are hybrid hard drive produced by Apple. They have both a platter and NAND chips for data storage. If you have a problem will an Apple fusion drive then please contact us – we should be able to retrieve your data for you. Here are some of the enquiries we’ve received:

Apple Fusion Data Recovery | Data Clinic LtdUnable to access music files on an Apple hard drive…
Here are the details:

– 27-inch iMac with Fusion Drive 128gb SSD / 3tb HDD
– System does not boot
– ‘Macintosh HD’ does not mount in Recovery
– Disk Utility reports corruption to disk ‘Macintosh HD’
– When trying to create disk image of ‘Macintosh HD’ Disk Utility reports ‘Original item cannot be found’
– Disk does not mount in Target Disk Mode
– Able to scan directory with DiskWarrior but ‘Preview’ not available
– AST 2 ‘Storage’ Diagnostic reports failure of HDD

Something has gone wrong with my MacBook Pro’s Fusion drive after a recent update in which my laptop fails to load at all. There’s no specific cause as when I visited Apple they said there are a range of variables that could’ve caused this. The only solution they have is to wipe all the data from my laptop and install a new operating system. However, I’ve never backed my laptop before and would thefore be losing an extensive photo collection aside from other things which I am not prepared to lose until everything has been tried.

I have an Apple Fusion hard drive.
I am unsure of the disc size.
I am having difficulty reading files and accessing photos.
I can see files in folders, but file explorer has stopped responding.
Now my Mac laptop won’t start
There’s a message on screen saying the fusion hard disk check has detected an imminent failure and recommends immediate backup to ensure no data loss

My old laptop (MacBook Air) has stopped working. Nevertheless, I still need the data. I don’t need to fix the computer, since I already have a new one, but I need to recover the data from the old computer which does not work.

For further data recovery information go to our Apple MacBook recovery page &/or our iMac data recovery page.