Data Tape Conversion, Duplication and Migration

When the DataClinic Ltd web site was updated at the beginning of the year several pages were left out or omitted from the final version. One of them was the page that told everyone about our data tape conversion, duplication and migration service. This is where people / companies send us old legacy tapes from decades back that they want the data taking from and putting on something new.

For example, back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s tape backup was used almost everywhere – this was because the amount of data that you could get on a tape far exceeded what you could fit on a hard drive. However that’s not the case now and although tape is still widely used, many businesses back their data up to hard disk devices such as NAS or servers.

Of course you can also use cloud storage, but it’s got to main problems:
1. It’s not very good
2. It’s not very good

See how I wrote that bit twice? #EmphasisingMyPoint #Humour

Sorry what I meant was:
1. It’s inherently slow
2. It’s inherently insecure

Slow because of bandwidth limitations, insecure because a hacker just needs your login details, oh and then there’s all the Snowden thing (to quote the BBC: “Mr Snowden is wanted in the US for leaking details of the government’s programme of widespread internet and telephone surveillance”)