The new Apple Photos app first introduced in OS X Yosemite, is designed to keep ever expanding photo libraries easily manageable and accessible. It’s the next step on from Apple’s iPhoto application which it is designed to replace. Upgrading photo libraries from iPhoto to Photo is designed to be an automatic process, however we’re aware of several issues around the upgrade process that cause loss of photos and sometimes whole libraries.

  1. Apple has recommended that all users upgrade to iPhoto 11 version 9.0.1 before opening or upgrading any photo libraries. Failure to use version 9.0.1 can lead to photo applications unexpectedly quitting and in some circumstances, loss of photos and libraries. Force quitting applications that appear to have hung is strongly discouraged. Read more about this issue on the Apple web site here:
  2. Similarly we know of several instances where data loss has occurred during the transition from iPhoto to Photos involving an update of the photo library. Once again we strongly advise you not to force quit during the upgrade process even if you believe your machine to have hung.

What To Do If You’ve Lost Photos

Whether you’ve force quit your iPhoto or Photo application, or experienced problems in the upgrade of your photo library, loss of your photos due to this type of fault is a serious issue and we advise that you try not to panic and avoid making any hasty decisions regarding the apparent loss of your photos. Of course, your Mac may well have encountered a problem that it can’t recover from. There may be corruption of your photo library database or some bad sectors may have been encountered within the photo library. Both are serious issues and we advise that you call us immediately on 0800 151 2207.