Data Recovery on Apple X-Serve

Failed X-Serve G4/G5, X-Serve RAID and X-SAN systems

Data Clinic specialise in the recovery of Mac systems from iMacs to PowerBooks and also large distributed file systems and RAID configurations. Whilst RAID and storage solutions from all manufacturers are getting much better and far more reliable, no system is foolproof, accidents can and do happen, hard disks can fail even when RAID security levels are used. As specialists in both Macintosh file systems recovery and also hardware failure experts Data Clinic offer an industry leading data recovery service for all Apple and Apple Macintosh systems. We are currently the only data recovery company we are aware of that can recover data from X-SAN file systems. Data Clinic can recover from HFS, HFS+, UFS and X-SAN systems in most configurations, from spanned volumes to RAID configurations including Striped, Mirrored and Parity based RAID (see our RAID data recovery page for further information). We often recover mission critical data from the following systems:

  • X-Serve spanned volume storage sets
  • Performance striped arrays for media and video editing
  • Security parity based arrays with 2 or more drive failures
  • HFS, HFS+, UFS and X-SAN file systems with logical corruptions
  • Accidental initialisation, formatting or re-configuring of RAID

Data Clinic can also recover Macintosh data stored on Windows, Linux/Unix, Novell and other servers, and return the data to you as it was or on a Mac optimised format. In most cases we can recover and get a system up and running again within 24 hours, this can include weekends, evenings and public holidays. If you would like more details about our services or require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a Mac technician.