Hard Drive Head Misalignment

Head misalignment on hard drive | Data Clinic LtdData Clinic’s Advanced Data Recovery (ADR) service is used to recover data from hard drives when conventional methods of data recovery have failed. It has already achieved some notable successes. Partly funded by the Department of Trade & Industry, our ADR services involve Data Clinic UK, Data Clinic Italy, the Manchester Metropolitan University (from whom we have a research graduate) and GCubic srl (hardware component specialists).

In what situations can Data Clinic’s Advanced Data Recovery service be used ? – We have successfully used our laptop ADR service to recover previously unrecoverable data from laptop drives with the following faults:

  • Drives with electronic problems
  • Drives with internal head & voice coil problems (eg. damaged heads, read / write faults, head misalignment etc)
  • Drives suffering from serious mechanical failure – such as incorrect spin speed, motor and spindle related problems, problems related to the drive”s fluid dynamic bearing technology
  • Drives where other data recovery companies have been unable to recover the data
  • ATA password protected hard drives
  • Data Clinic”s laptop ADR service is applicable to almost all models of modern laptop hard disk including those manufactured by Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate

We are confident that our ADR service can successfully recover data from situations where data would normally be unrecoverable.

Situations where Data Clinic”s ADR service will not work:

  • When the disk platters have become damaged (eg. by a headcrash)
  • When the disk platters have become magnetically unstable due to superparamagnetism
  • Please note that these two effects are not common occurances on everyday laptop hard disks