3 Ways To Protect Your Valuable Digital Photos

It’s great to be able to take a photo, upload it to your computer and play around with it to create different images and effects. Photography has come a long way but as far as your photos are concerned they are now prone to being lost in an entirely different way.

Make sure you protect your entire collection on your computer by following these tips.

1. Make copies!
If you do nothing else, always make sure you do this. Having just the one copy of your digital photo collection is asking for trouble. What would you do if you lost it or it became corrupted? Make sure you keep at least one additional copy – and don’t keep it elsewhere on your computer either. Ideally you should have a hard copy on a hard drive and another one in the cloud. This also has the advantage of allowing you access via any suitable device.

2. Backup regularly
A second copy of your photos is no good if you never remember to back it up. Updating your back up is essential if you want to be sure you have a full copy of all your photos. The frequency of your update depends on how often you take new photos. It is pointless doing it weekly if you know you will only ever take photos a few times a year. Conversely two or three backups a year is no good if you take new ones to add to your collection virtually every week.

3. Make sure you have access to a top quality data recovery firm
All the care and attention in the world can’t prevent the occasional data loss incident. If you happen to fall victim to this, don’t panic. The best bet is to get the experts in because someone who is inexperienced at data recovery will end up causing more harm than good. Always go with the best and don’t be tempted to resolve the problem on your own. It can get a lot worse if you do.

If you are of an age where you remember having a ‘proper’ camera with film that needed to be developed, you’ll probably realise how different things are today. For all the perks of modern photography and digital cameras, your photos can be more at risk than ever before if you don’t take good care of them on your computer. Make sure you follow these tips and minimise the chance of losing the lot. It doesn’t hurt to have a professional data recovery company close at hand either.

DataClinic’s page about digital photograph recovery can be found here.