Recovering Data from WD Hard Drives in Manchester and Salford

Here’s a post about data recovery from Western Digital (WD) My Passport and Elements hard drives in and around the Manchester and Salford area. For a data recovery service from all types of Western Digital (My Passport, Elements, Green, Blue, Red, Black and Purple) hard drive near Manchester you’ll find our Manchester data recovery location based at The Pavilions, Bridge Hall Lane, Bury, Greater Manchester BL9 7NX.

I have an old Western Digital My Passport Ultra external network drive that has died, the power switch developed a fault meaning the drive wouldn’t stay powered up. I have decased the drive and mounted it in a caddy but only have a windows OS available. The drive appears to power but windows can’t connect to it however does detect it. Salford.
How does your recovery service work (how is it charged)? I think there is probably 500MB of data on the drive, most of it is backed up elsewhere apart from c500 photos which I would like back if possible.

WD My Passport portable hard drive, not being recognised, just clicking when I switch it on. I have tried it on different computers including Windows and OSX machines but the problem is still the same. The Western Digital drive remains unresponsive. I am located close to Manchester City centre but can drive to Data Clinic in Bury if necessary.

WD Black 3TB HDD makes ticking and beeping noise on start up. Not recognised in any computer need the data off. We are in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Hard drive in my computer stopped working its a 2 tb WD Green (or it may be a Blue). The drive starts up but produces a humming noise and sometimes a beep. I took it out of its external enclosure and connected it using a usb to sata data lead. It still turns on but now just makes a clicking noise. I need the data recovered from this Western Digital drive and putting onto a new drive, is this something you provide? I’d like to continue to us my old drive is this possible. We are located in Oldham Greater Manchester.

2 x 1TB hard drives. One external Western Digital My Passport (Red) HDD thats been dropped and making unusual noises. Other is from an imac HDD – also a WD and I’m not sure whats happened, its just stopped working. I live in Stockport, Manchester and can bring the drives into your Greater Manchester branch in Bury for you to have a look at them.

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