In this post we look at 3 recent data recovery enquiries. The first is from a customer who requires the data extracting from an iPhone that has been submerged in water. The second is about retrieving footage from a CCTV DVR system and the final enquiry concerns a clicking iomega drive requiring data recovery.

Water damaged iPhone
iPhone in waterI have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that was dropped in water. During the day it was dropped there were a lot of photos taken as we were on holiday, the phone backs up every evening so the latest back up is the night before, therefor photos taken from that day were not backed up. We are trying to recover the photos, from what I understand the phone is unlikely to be restored to full working order so we’re just trying to recover those photos. Originally, it was turning on and receiving notifications however the screen was totally unresponsive. We took it to a repair shop and they were unable to fix it, and now it appears to be stuck in a boot loop.
Link: Recover phone data from water damage

Swann DVR data recovery of CCTV
Swann DVR which does respond when connected via HDMI, want to recover the video recordings on it and want to know how much it would cost. HDD is 2TB. It is a 2 camera system and records on a 30 day loop.
Link: DVR CCTV data recovery

Iomega hard drive recovery
I have an old iomega external drive with quite a few photos etc on. I can’t get the drive to connect to my laptop and there’s a slight clicking sound. Would you be able to recover the info on the drive at all? It’s a 3TB hard drive that I’ve had for about 3 years and contains a lot of sentimental data. I hope you can help.
Link: External hard drive recovery