2TB SSD data recovery London

I have a 2TB SSD which has been corrupted. My SSD worked fine on my PC which used Windows 10, I went on holiday from London and I brought my SSD with me and as I was going to buy a new laptop while abroad. The SSD worked on the laptop which was using Windows 11. However, when I went back home and tried to open a file I created with my laptop, it refused to open but other files opened as normal. I checked back on my laptop and the files that wouldn’t open on my PC opened without any issue. I tried opening these files on my PC and read the error message which said it was “error 0x80070570:” and to look for a solution with that code. I did and found I had to first do Error Checking through the properties tab of the hard drive. Midway through the scan it stopped, said it couldn’t find the drive and I could no longer open it, as my PC could not recognize it.
I used Recuva to scan the files but most of them where “unrecoverable.” However, as I checked the thumnails for the files (the ones that had them, at least) I found that some images that I had saved in my drive were attached to incorrect names and even wrong file types. I searched info about this and found that this may be an issue with the file system. I have also have a new 2TB SSD to replace the other one. I also don’t want any of the PDF files stored in the old SSD if that matters. I live in London, do you have a location nearby?
Data Clinic Ltd – Data Recovery London

Samsung S5 data Glasgow

I have just come across your website on Google and i feel your services could prove to be invaluable to the situation i am in.
I am looking for a data recovery from my phone in Glasgow – I recently have had a Samsung S5 broken down which won’t power on at all now. It has been working fine for 2 years despite the power button being broken. Firstly, i would be grateful if you could tell me if you repair phones also as i would like a repair attempt on the device itself first and foremost.
The 2nd thing is that comes to the main thing itself which is the data. I am in desperate need of recovering the data. From pictures to videos to notes, whatsapp account, documents and contacts and more. The problem i have been told is the device has been water damaged damaging the circuit on the logic board and apparantely this cannot be repaired, which i refuse to believe.
I would be grateful if you could tell me the types of data that you are able to recover and also please provide the location of your office as i am in the city of Glasgow.
Any assistance/consultation would be greatly appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Data Clinic Ltd – Data Recovery Glasgow