In this post we look at three badly damaged phones that came into Data Clinic Ltd for data recovery. The first phone was an LG G3 that was hard bricked – showing no USB access and no signs of life apart from an occasional blue screen . The second was a smashed iPhone XR with a bent chassis. The third was an unresponsive Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8, with a low power draw, no software interaction and hard bricked.
We were able to recover all the data from all 3 phones.

So if you have a damaged / bricked / unresponsive / broken phone, even one that you may have been told is unrecoverable, please get in touch with us. Our advanced data recovery techniques enable us to recover data from phones that have serious problems and damage, where other companies would give up.

Click to read more about how our phone data recovery process works, and click on each thumbnail for the larger photo.

LG G3 Series Phone – Hard Bricked

iPhone XR – Smashed and Bent

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Unresponsive