In this post we look at Seagate hard drive recovery in London and Freecom USB drive recovery in Liverpool

Data Recovery London

I am using a Seagate External hard drive, about a week ago, heard beeping noises but had no idea whereabouts it came from as I always have my externals plugged into PC. I work in London and notice you have a London data recovery location on Lombard Street. Can I arrange a time to drop my hard drive off please?
A few days ago, when I tried to access the data, it gave me a Parameter is incorrect msg, I have tried a CMD CHSDSK recovery option as I saw online, but to no avail. I’ve also tried a software recovery tool called Disk Drill, I was able to recover a few files, however, unable to recover the full 1.93terrabytes of data as the software had stopped operating.
I assumed it was an issue with the PC at first as it kept slowing down, once I brought another PC and tried the same process with Disk Drill, I realized it was not a PC issue, but potentially a Malware or Virus within the External Hard Drive, as when plugged into the new PC, it refused to boot-up into the main menu screen.
There has also been an accidental drop of the HDD. Not a heavy drop but I thought I would mention it too.

Hard drive crashes Finder, Liverpool

I’m in Liverpool and I have what sounds like the same problem as described in a case on your website here:https://www.dataclinic.co.uk/external-hard-drive-mounts-but-crashes-finder/It’s a Freedom HD USB external drive (not solid state) and it’s formatted for Mac. I can mount the drive and open it, but if I try to open any file or folder it crashes Finder. I also cannot eject the drive.There is an audio file on the disk that I can preview, but again, if I try to open the file it crashes iTunes and Finder.
There’s a folder full of music recording files that I’d really like to get back if possible.
If you think you can help I’d love to hear from you. I notice that Data Clinic has an office at Horton House, Exchange Flags Liverpool – could you arrange the drive to be collected please?