Water damaged iPhone
iphone data recovery Data Clinic LtdI have an iPhone 7 that accidentally got water damage from the sea (forgot it was in her back pocket) my wife is heart broken, I had a spare working iPhone 7 and swapped logic boards after removing the heat shields and giving it a good clean, that is as far as I go and obviously it still doesn’t work and I am desperate, she has lost thousands of photos that she cherishes because she has a poor memory (I know it’s my own fault for not creating a back up) and that’s all she wants back, I can provide iCloud account and PIN number if it is remotely possible to recover the photos.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 refuses to start
I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that refuses to start. No damage, but has just stopped working and will not reset – tried the various key combinations. Replacing the battery did bot fix it either. I am hoping you can recover all the photographs and videos taken?
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iPhone 6s recovery
I was wondering if you could recover my personal data from my iPhone 6 that’s been stuck in a boot loop for about 3 years now. I’ve never restored it as I’ve been waiting to find a company like this who can specialise in recovering data. there’s a lot of personal things saved on that phone so I was wondering if there was somehow some assurance that through your services that your company doesn’t look through my stuff.
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