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Recovery and Reconstruction of Metamask Wallets

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Metamask encountered an errorWe receive a large number of enquiries from customer’s who have lost access to their MetaMask crypto wallets on their phones and computers.

A common problem we often see is “MetaMask encountered an error due to reaching a storage limit. The local data has been corrupted. Please reinstall MetaMask and restore with your Secret Recovery Phrase.”

  • If you’ve lost access to your MetaMask wallet we can help
  • If you’ve lost or can only partially remember your seed phrase we can help

There are a variety of options available to us. If your data is on a laptop or desktop computer then this is easier for us to work with, if your data is on an Android or iOS phone we’ll need to jailbreak your device to proceed.

Typically we charge a % of the wallet we are recovering. The time it takes to recover your wallet is entirely based around which methods we use to recover it.

Brute force techniques can vary considerably with time depending on the amount of information you can supply us with vs the amount of information that has to be guessed.

Reconstruction of wallets can me more straightforward and quicker if we are able to work with the wallet address and the JSON MetaMask data.

> Have you lost access to your Metamask wallet? Can’t remember the password or have lost your seed words? – Go to this page:
> See an example of our recovery work here:

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