Recovering data from a Mac, DVR CCTV and an iPhone 6

Hi there – in this post we look at retrieving data from 3 different types of device:

Mac Data Recovery

We begin this week with an external Mac hard drive enquiry:

“Hello, I have 1TB WD my passport HDD for Mac and 4 days ago I dropped it on wooden floor and after dropping I plugged it and it worked, and today i tried to plug again but HD did not respond, however the light is till flashing and there is no sound.
I would like to bring it to check the problem and how much will it cost to fix it”

Hi there – you are welcome to bring your hard drive (HDD)  in and we’ll check the problem out for you. We have several locations around the UK you can choose from. Call us first and we’ll look at the hard drive while you wait to determine the fault, this is free of charge and usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes, after which we’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong with the hard drive and also the cost for the recovery. It’s then your choice whether you wish to proceed or not. To read more go to our external hard drive data recovery page and our Mac data recovery page.

DVR Data Recovery

Here’s a question that we received over the weekend regarding recovering CCTV images from a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system:

“I am wanting to retrieve some CCTV footage from February can you tell me if this is possible. I have been told it might be done through the hard drive.
The CCTV has a 10 day turnaround. If so can you give me an approximate cost for this service.”

Most DVR’s record to an internal hard drive. The hard drive is usually a high capacity one that will have sufficient storage space to cater for the large amounts of data that are generated during video recording. To allow continuous recording, once the space on the hard drive is used up, recording continues by overwriting the oldest data first with the fresh images. This recording cycle continues and most DVRs can be set to different turnaround cycles such as 10 or 30 days. This means that the recorders only hold the last 10 or 30 days worth of recordings, all earlier recordings are overwritten by the newer data.

So unfortunately, as February was 3 months ago, the recordings you require will no longer exist and will have been overwritten many times over. For further information about CCTV image retrieval go to our DVR data recovery page.

For reference, the cost of recovering CCTV data from DVR players depends on the fault, but a good guide cost is between £195 and £500 in most cases.

iPhone Data Recovery

And finally a question about recovering deleted photos and video from an iPhone 6.

“I am contacting you to enquire whether you would be able to provide a data recovery service for an iPhone 6. A total of 600 photos / videos were accidentally deleted from the device (also from the recently deleted items folder) when the back-up wasn´t working.”

Rescuing the deleted photos and videos from your iPhone will depend on whether they still reside in the phone’s storage area. When we delete data from a phone, it is not overwritten, instead internal flags are set that tell the phone the storage area used by the pictures no longer needs to be saved and can be overwritten. The less you use you your phone after such a delete operation the better. Our advice is to turn the phone off immediately and contact us. For more information see our iPhone data recovery page.