ReadyNAS Duo Failed – Data Recovery

We have had a ReadyNas Duo unit on which we had stored family photos and videos amongst other data. Unfortunately it seem to have failed. I can boot the unit as far as seeing it on RaidAr but the message is that both drives are bad. I have tried viewng the drives on an extrenal SATA reader attached to my MAC but neither drive shows up. We have sme of the data backed up but not all so would like to recover what we can. Both drives will “squeak” a few times when powered but soon stop spinning. We think the drives were configured as mirrored as we were trying to protect against a single hard drive failure – but are not entirely sure. Please advise on the likleihood of recovering the data and an approximate cost please?
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Surface Pro 3 Shut Down – Need Data

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that shut down without warning and after once getting it into system/boot mode it is now completely unresponsive. I’ve tried the various hard reboot options without success When I reconnected the power just now (a few days after the initial failure) the fan started running for about 20 seconds, then stopped. If it is now dead, can you recover the data from the SSD?
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Water damaged Huawei phone

Huawei phone dropped into toilet was in there a while potentially up to an hour. Was flickering as tried to turn on, then went black apparently. First few days didn’t turn on at all, then on the 4th day it vibrated as I tried to turn it on. I plugged it into laptop, it showed up for a bit but I couldn’t access any files because I would have to select something on the actual phone to allow things to be downloaded, but after ten mins of trying to see what I could do it then said no disk found when I click on the phone on my laptop file explorer, so I’m not sure if I broke it further by turning it on? …. Would it be possible to recover data from this phone such as the pictures, notes, calendar and voice recordings? Could you give me a quote for how much this would cost.
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