Problems Requiring Data Recovery

Here’s a selection of enquiries received by Data Clinic recently, involving both hard drive and mobile phone recovery. A successful recovery of data is possible in all these situations, assuming you send your equipment to us obviously. More information can found on our main phone data recovery page, external hard drive recovery, NAS and RAID data recovery pages. Click on the following link to find a Data Clinic centre near you, locations include London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds.

“I need messages and pictures that have been deleted off my Samsung galaxy note 3… I had to do a factory reset because it was acting funny not knowing that I would need some of that stuff for evidence in a child custody case… But I have also dropped it a few too many times and no longer turns on if you can help me get the data off of it or even the info that’s on it now that would be amazing and a life saver!!!”

“My external hard drive is not showing up on my laptop and has a small clicking noise. I know it’s bad but I need the files in there.”

“I have a Seagate 250GB hard drive which was in an Acer laptop that developed problems. The laptop was sent off for repairs and had the systemboard replaced. The hard drive was removed from the laptop before it was sent off. In order to make sure the data on the laptop was safe we tried to take a backup image of the hard drive with no success. My colleague also looked a connecting the drive to another PC to recover data but no luck. We have since had the laptop back but it does not boot to the OS. Running a basic diagnostic detects the disk though What we are after is a full recovery of all the data on the hard drive. Are you able to provide me with a quote?”

“I have a 2TB Seagate Backup Plus portable hard drive which worked fine the last time I used it but this was a few months ago, and has a lot of photos on that hadn’t been backed up anywhere else for a while and now it’s not being recognised by my mac or my PC. The light comes on but I can’t feel it starting up. When I first plugged it in I did feel it and it made some clicking sounds but then stopped. I unplugged it and tried again and it did the same thing. It was still making very quiet clicking sounds but didn’t seem to be doing anything. I tried a micro USB cable in case it was an issue with the cable and this didn’t work either. I tried it again this morning and now it just makes funny beeping sounds for about 5 seconds and then nothing.”

“Computer has one SSD running the operating system and one internal sata hdd approx 1tb, with 500gb used up, it stores important files and everything else. Computer started being very slow, and crashing frequently. Upon restarting the computer the hard drive was no longer being recognised. Went into the bios to check the the recognised drives and it wasnt showing up on the boot order. When i disconnected the hdd the computer runs fine, but it wont boot up with the hdd connected now.”

“Home Dell laptop failed:
Colleague identified the following:
· Drive is recognised in BIOS
· Drive is shown as RAW format in windows disk management console
· As far as I am aware the drive has not been extended
· Drive is partitioned into 2. Recovery partition is accessible, Windows partition is not.
· Drive letters are assigned and recognised but windows partition is not accessible in windows.
· Chkdsk command can be run on the drive (command executed from another drive) but returns errors and still remains inaccessible due to a “critical hardware IO fault“”

Data Recovery Service

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