Help and Advice – Phone Recovery Questions

Here are some example questions regarding phone data recovery that we received recently. If you need the data rescuing from your phone or tablet get in touch, we can do so much more than anyone else.

  • My Samsung Galaxy has been badly water damaged and will no longer power up at all. I am not too concerned about the handset but there are two audio files I would very much like to recover in tact. Is this likely to be possible and would you be able to quote for this work? >> Go to Samsung phone recovery
  • I have a Sony Xperia z5 compact and I have accidentally deleted all my images they were only stored to the phones hard drive I didn’t have an sd card in or have them backed up anywhere else and I’m not on any social network sites they could be linked to please help I live in Burnage Manchester any help will be very gratefully received >> Go to Sony Xperia data recovery
  • iPhone Problem – can you help?
    • 1. iPhone 6s 64GB
    • 2. iOS 10 upgraded 4 days ago
    • 3. Screen flickered and stopped responding
    • 4. Hard reset phone and would not turn back on
    • 5. Screen replaced by Apple no joy
    • 6. Car will recognise the blue tooth and phone but no calls
    • 7. Main PC that did the backups will see the iPhone whilst connected by USB but needs the device unlocked before iTouch will work which in turn will enable me to do the important backup i need. I need to access the photos ONLY, i don’t care about anything else really. Can you help? >> Go to iPhone data recovery
  • My ipad was dropped in a swimming pool and does not turn on. I have given it to some other data recovery specialists and they told me the only way to get the data is to open the tablet and extract the chip where the data is stored. I have no issue with the process , it’s just that the cost was extremely high (£550) and I do not intend to spend this sort on money. The diagnosis I got was as follows: “To attempt the recovery the engineers will need to open the tablet, desolder the VRM chips and connect these to our PC300 extractor via brass wires to create an image of your device after harvesting the parts in an identical unit.” Is the range of £550 realistic? I appreciate that your engineers would prefer to inspect the tablet themselves but as I said, if you think that the likely price is in the order of 300+ I do not intend to proceed. >> Go to phone and tablet data recovery
  • My phone is stuck in a ‘boot loop’ its entered recovery mode and won’t restart unless reset to factory settings . I would like to recover my pictures and some excel files >> Go to Android data recovery

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