Recovering Deleted Messages from a Phone Dropped into Water

In this Help and Advice post we are taking a look at common phone problems:

Recover Deleted Text Messages, WhatsApp and Viber

  1. I’m unable to recover messages and what’s up [WhatsApp] messages and conversations deleted by accident from my iPhone 4, I’ve tried to restore them after deleting my whatsup app but it’s only showing previous group chat headings but no conversations or messages, is there a way to retrieve this data from my phone unsure if it was backed up to iCloud.
  2. Do you provide services to customers from other countries (Qatar), if a phone is sent to dataclinic by registered mail? I am interested in recovering all the deleted whatsapp and viber data on my phone for a period of 2 months.

Both these questions ask about the possibilities of retrieving deleted messages and conversations from phones. Although many phones now come with backup software (such as iCloud) preinstalled, it is usually necessary for user’s to enable the backup feature from their phone’s Setting’s menu (Settings > iCloud, and then choose what you want backed up).

Deleted text messages and chat conversations (including those from WhatsApp and Viber et. al.) still remain stored on a phone’s memory until they are overwritten by fresher data that is saved to the phone. The more the phone is used the more likely it is that the deleted data you want to recover will be overwritten. Therefore we always recommend turning phone’s off as while the phone is off no data will be lost or overwritten. Restoring a phone’s deleted data is usually possible, even if the phone is no longer working, see here from our full phone recovery capabilities

Forensic Recovery of Deleted Data
Sometimes people will require deleted texts and chats to be undeleted for legal means. If this is true in your case we need to apply an additional forensic procedure in the recovery process which allows the data we retrieve to be admissible in court (see this link for more about our phone forensic services Please let us know if you require this service, otherwise your deleted data will be recovered in the usual way omitting the forensic procedure.

Dropped Phone Into Water

  1. Dropped my phone into water and its completely unresponsive. cannot put it into recovery mode and it doesn’t work with data scanning programs. all I would like is my pictures back as they were not saved to icloud as I had run out of storage. I had pictures of my anniversary weekend away with my boyfriend as well as college work that I needed. what would be the cost to just recover the images?
  2. Iphone 4S dropped in water and will not turn on. Would like to recover photos. Is this possible?
  3. I want to ask regarding my iphone 6 that has water damaged and the logic board is damaged.Can you retrieve back my data.I have a lot of precious pictures in there.Thank you.

Rescuing the data from a phone that has been dropped in water is something we are asked about quite a lot. If this has happened to your phone, then (usually) it won’t be physically damaged and its internal parts remain intact. The fault is caused by the water getting inside the phone casing and shorting out motherboard. Our recommendation is that you don’t start dismantling the phone to dry it out, as it’s not necessary and so fiddley that you probably won’t be able to put it back together again. Instead dry the outer casing as best you can and put the phone somewhere warm and dry – such as on a windowsill above a radiator and allow it to dry out for a couple of days before you try charging it and switching it on. It you follow this advice you may well discover that your phone starts working again. If you are still having problems, go to our phone recovery page for more information about our services and give us call, we’ll be able to help.