Phone Data Recovery

More and more of us are losing data from our Smartphones. Below are just some of the enquiries that have come into Data Clinic in the last week that ask about our phone data recovery services. We have extensive phone recovery capabilities and can retrieve the information from phones that have many different faults and problems. See below for more


I want to recover photos and if possible texts from a damaged Sony smartphone. It cannot be powered on and I’ve been told the motherboard is damaged. Is there any way of recovering these files (photos most importantly)?

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Apple iPhone

Accidentally dropped iPhone and now it is completely dead. I am not concerned about the handset I would just like my photos and videos that are stored on the device.

I have an iPhone 6 64gb model which was dropped. I took it a local repair shop which told me the logic board was bent and damaged beyond repair. The memory chip appears intact. Are you able to recover the data from the phone? The only thing I am concerned about is the photos stored on it as it hasn’t had a back up for over a year.

Iphone 6, dropped 3 weeks ago, screen cracked and lifted but still worked. Water damage today, taken straight to phone repair unable to retrieve data. Just want data as to repair would be expensive

my iphone has died (water ingress) and I would like to see if my photos can be retrieved – no interest in the phone being working again. unfortunately no cloud back up or to itunes. is it possible?

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I have dropped my Samsung S6 and the screen has an impact crack and is black. The phone is responsive but the screen is unusable. I need to recover (non-deleted) gallery/SMS/Whatsapp from the phone. Are you able to help and how much please?

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I have a htc mini 2 which had a broken screen which I got fixed, so I could recover the photos and videos from the phone, however when I connect the phone to the computer via a usb cable it only recognises it for a few seconds before the phone turned off. Would you be able to recover the photos & videos on this phone and put them on a usb stick. I also have a phone which is in complete working order, where I just want the photos and videos to be put on a usb stick. Would you be able to do this service for me

My HTC mini one phone went on factory reset.
And all my data on the phone is gone.
Once the phone went on factory reset mode, an automatic backup was saved to Google drive.
I got my contacts back.
But I lost most of my pictures saved on the phone.
I’m sure you can try something to get them back

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I have a Nokia X6 mobile Phone which has been damaged over the last few years (power and lock button broken off, smashed screen) but still works.
Until a few weeks ago I took the battery out and put it back in, the phone never turned on. I have tested this battery in another nokia X6 phone and it works. I have also tried to connect it to PC –
Phone is COMPLETELY unresponsive.
My dad (engineer) has suggested there might be a problem with the motherboard.
I am really wanting to recover all the data (mainly texts, whatsapp chats photos videos and music folder) that is in this phone as I will be getting a new phone and will want to transfer all the data across.
I really hope you can help me and look forward to hearing from you.

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The costs of mobile phone data recovery can vary considerably, as can the skills of the people you ask to retrieve your files. There are 3 levels of complexity, most companies are only able to offer the first, Data Clinic offer all 3. You can read more about this on our main phone recovery page at

Our prices vary from £95 for simple software related problems to £395 for complex hardware issues. Whatever the case we will examine your phone and see what needs to be done, we will then quote you a cost for the recovery. It’s up to you if you wish to proceed.


Sometimes, such as in potential divorce or fraud cases it’s necessary to retrieve the information obtained from the phone in a forensically sound way. This is so the information retrieved can be used as admissible evidence in court. More details about our forensic services is available at


With centres in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton and Sheffield you can call in and speak to us, or we collect from you for free. More information about our regional recovery centres including address details are here: