Example Enquiries – Phone Data Recovery

Here are a collection of phone data recovery enquiries that we’ve received over the last week. As with all mobile and smartphone recovery cases, we first direct readers to our general phone data recovery page which highlights the various information retrieval services we offer. This page is then further subdivided in specific iPhone, Android, Samsung, Sony, Nokia / Windows phone recovery pages. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will be able to advise / assist.

“iPhone 4s stuck on Apple logo screen. Have tried iTunes update and Dr. Phone ios repair without success. Not really worried about the phone as I have replaced this – however I would like to recover the files as my daughter hadn’t backed up the phone. Can you help?”


“We have a Nokia Lumia 635 which has suddenly stopped booting up. We have changed the battery but there is no difference.
Can photos (and contacts) beretrieved from this? How much would it cost?
No need to repair as have replaced.
Not sure of login name so haven’t been able to get access to any cloud backed up data.”

“I have a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium which was driven over. The phone is still in one piece but completely smashed front and back. It doesn’t switch on at all. I have precious photos and videos that I would like to retrieve from the phone as I didn’t back it up.”

“Is it possible to retrieve album of photos accidentally deleted from Samsung note 3 (internal memory not memory card). Approx 500 photos. If so how much would it cost?”

“My iPhone 6 got wet and despite various attempts we can’t access it/get it working. The software is damaged and it is stuck in a reboot loop which it does constantly until the battery dies. I’m desperate to get my photos and videos back (they weren’t backed up).”


We can recover information from almost all types of lost data situation and can do far more with a phone than most other UK companies, especially high street shops. So if you’ve been told your data is not recoverable, get in touch, we may be able to rescue it for you.

The cost of phone data recovery varies from case to case. Straightforward jobs are cheaper and cost from £95, more involved jobs that involve recovering the data directly by hooking into access points on the phone’s mainboard (JTAG), or reading the information straight from the memory chips (Chip-Off) cost around £295.

Data Clinic have locations across the UK where you can take you phone. Alternatively you can send your phone to us, or book a free collection.