NEW! – Mobile Device Data Recovery

Data Clinic now provide mobile device data recovery services across the UK. Mobile devices are items like mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, PDAs, Satnavs and other handheld devices.

These days, as smartphones and tablets are so powerful, many of us use them as a sort of mobile computer, not only do we make calls from them, we also text, photograph, make movies, edit calendars, create contacts, send emails and find our way around using maps and GPS data. So, you can see just from this that the modern day mobile phone contains huge amounts of personal data.

It’s simple to lose data from these devices, they are easy to break – I’ve dropped ones I’ve had several times and also accidentally deleted information I didn’t mean to delete. Fortunately, very much like hard drive data, deleting a file or photograph from a mobile device doesn’t wipe it from memory and as long at the data isn’t overwritten, it’s still possible to recover data that has been deleted.

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