In this article we look at some of the current items that Data Clinic Ltd are rescuing the files from. Towards the end of this article you’ll also find our office locations in the UK.

NAS box not connecting

NAS box knocked off table. Hard drive now makes clicking sound and can not be connected when NAS box boots up, with hard disk light turning red. I assume that drive has suffered mechanical damage. When viewed over network the NAS shows up including attached external drive but not the internal hard drive. The hard drive is a 3.5″ Samsung 7200rpm 2Tb unit. I would like an idea of the cost to recover the data (if possible) onto a new hard drive.

500GB Seagate external unable to connect

I have a 500gb Seagate external hard drive (over 10 years old now) and the port where the mini usb used to go into it has come loose and is rattling around in there and im unable to connect it now to a computer to get my data off. I don’t need the actual hard drive just the contents on there. I havent opened it as I read online that this will get it dusty and I have a lot of really important memories on there. I was wondering if you could fix/ how much it would be?

Opened hard drive

I have a 1 TB hard drive that died. I was able to make it work temporarily by connecting to an external hard drive reader. Sadly it crashed again. I then foolishly open the hard driver casing to reset the blades. This may have scratched the surface. What would it cost to inspect it and see if you are able to recover the data? And what kind of final bill would i be looking at?

9TB Seagate backup ticking

My 9 tb seagate backup hub drive is ticking, clicking and generally being noisy and not letting me access files. It will let me in, but as soon as I start trying to copy or access anything the clicking etc starts.
This has most of my music collection on it, a few tb’s worth and I really want it back!
What are my options?

WD My Passport

Recently started having issues copying files onto it, for example it would take a very long time to copy over small files from my laptop. would also have trouble loading folders & files from it. Now it prompts me to re format it and gives error :location is not available : the volume does not contain a recognised file system, please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. Will the data be recoverable ??

Data Recovery Locations

Data Clinic have locations around the UK where you can call into and have your hard drive / mobile phone data recovered.