Data Recovery Q&A – March 2017

Hello All, Each month we receive many various enquiries for data recovery from all types of digital storage media like hard drives, mobile phones, NAS and RAID storage. Below are some of them with information and advice too.

The hard drive of my iMac (approx. 9 years old) has failed. One of the IT engineers at the college where I work (University College London) has taken a look at it and confirmed the diagnosis.
I need to recover all my data and would like a quotation for this before I make a decision as to where to send the computer for the data recovery.
I will probably buy a new computer and so most likely will not need a new hard drive installed but just the data in a DVD or USB storage device that you might indicate.
Also, I need to know if you deal with the pick up and dropping services and the cost for it if you do so

Pickup and drop off services are available at Data Clinic. We can collect and deliver from any UK address or you may wish to drop off your hard drive / phone at one of Data Clinic’s local offices. Local hard drive recovery locations include London, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and Northampton. A typical cost for data recovery from a hard drive is around £500.

Beeping Hard Drive

Seagate Extension 2TB hard drive dropped from table whilst in use. Now not working and making beeping sound when trying to turn on, on examination, beeping sound coming from drive header. Device has photos and video footage stored that we would like to recover. Could you please provide a quote and confirm if this is a fixed cost.

Beeping hard drives indicate that the drive is not able to rotate the platter when the drive is powered on. This may be because of stiction (where the actuator arm sticks to the platter, stopping it rotating), or the motor that powers the rotation, failing. A beeping hard drive indicates a serious mechanical fault meaning that the drive requires clean room attention before the data can start to be recovered. The cost for recovery is upward of £500.

Beeping Hard Drive from Chris Seeley on Vimeo.

Needing Data from Samsung S6

I have Samsung S6 requiring data recovery
I got a large static shock from the phone, to a key.(not on charge).
The phone will not switch on, nor does the pc recognise it when USB plugged in.
I would like a quote to recover my photos and messages, whatsapp – date recovered if possible

There is a specific Data Clinic page on Samsung phone recovery here: Data Clinic’s main phone recovery page can be found here:

Other common types of enquiry

The files were lost when my brother tried installing a password to my external harddrive. I know they can be restored cause one company could help me doing it but wanted to charge me way too much.
What are your prices?

The HDD fell down from my desk(about 1 metre high), and then I cannot open it from the Computer. It can be connected to the Computer, but the documents in it cannot be opened. Dropped. Ticking noise.

My external HDD has stopped powering up. When plugged in it makes no sound nor does the little light come on. It hasn’t been dropped or damaged, it hasn’t been moved prior to the fault. I assume the fault is in the connections between the casing and HDD inside. I need the data recovering from this. Could you please let me know how much you charge for a recovery service.

My external hard drive (Seagate 2TB) is having problems. At first it seemed like a dodgy connection to the miniUSB as it was intermittently cutting-out. Now the drive is going really slowly; even to just open folders. A quote for data recovery would be much appreciated. There are some documents and a lot of photos. Please contact me via email as I am not always able to answer my phone.

Seagate hard drive not being recognised by any device I plug it into. It still has power. It’s not been dropped or maltreated.

External hard drive makes a clicking noise when I plug it into my mac. And the mac doesnt recognise the device. Might you be able to help?

3TB Seagate External Hard drive. The hard disk makes a ticking noise when plugged in and no pc’s can find it.