Not Booting – LG G4 Smartphone Failed

Here’s an enquiry from a customer with an LG G4 phone stuck in a boot loop:

“Hi there. I have a LG G4 smartphone which has failed. The unit goes into a boot loop and will not start. I have spoken to Carphone Warehouse and LG about this. Both tell me that that the unit can be repaired but that all data on the phone will be erased. I have data on the phone I need to retain and so wiping the phone would be a major hassle for me. Are you able to copy the data stored on the phone in such a way that I may use it to rebuild any repaired / replacement unit supplied from the manufacturer?
If so, could you give an idea of the cost involved?”

We have recently received a large number of data recovery enquiries from users of LG G4 smartphones who have reported their devices not taking charge and failing to boot. Looking into this, it seems this is a widespread fault with many LG G4’s. Most users have important data they’d like to get off their phone’s before sending them back for a replacement phone under warranty. Data Clinic get great results in recovering the data from these damaged LG G4 phones without invalidating the warranty.

In general, a significant number of mobile phone problems are due to battery issues – the battery not holding charge or having completely failed being the main two. But in the case of the above fault, the LG’s battery is usually fine.

Although the battery is fine, the phone does not boot. To extract the data from an LG G4 it’s not necessary for us to get the phone to boot, but it is necessary to find an alternate way of powering the phone on. By putting the phone into LG’s factory download mode and ‘fooling’ it into thinking it’s getting a firmware upgrade allows us to retrieve all the data from the phone.

Our phone recovery services usually cost between £195 and £295. We operate a free UK wide collection service that will collect your faulty phone from your home/office/school etc a deliver it to us. Alternatively, find your local Data Clinic phone recovery location here: For more details on our phone recovery services check out our Android phone recovery page here:

If you have an LG G4 that has not failed we suggest you enable your phone’s backup feature as this problem is becoming increasingly widespread.